company cultureOver the years it has become apparent that the attitude of an employee has a huge influence on their work. Here at IQ Total Source, we encourage our team to be “Glass Half-Fullers.”

A Glass Half-Fuller is someone who feels optimistic about their work and the possibility of solving new problems instead of thinking of them as roadblocks. An optimistic employee will twist any situation to fit their goals and sees the value of doing their best work. When you encourage your employees to see a glass as half-full instead of half-empty, relationships will be stronger, trust will grow, and high performance will become common.

So how can you bring about optimism in your workplace?

Get to Know Your Employees as People

Instead of focusing solely on what your employee’s immediate skills are in the workplace, take an interest in their overall person. For instance, knowing one of your employees is energized by meeting new people provides a clear choice for who to send out to acquire new customers. When your employees are able to operate as people instead of simply worker bees, they’ll feel more responsible for their contributions.

Promote a Team Vibe

Let your employees in on what’s going on with the business. Ask for feedback often and reiterate that everyone’s opinions are valued. When you have a good grip on how your employees view your company, it’ll promote greater understanding in your decisions and strength in your company as a whole.

Make Your Goals Known

Goals are clear indicators of how much positive progress is being made by your team. When everyone knows where to focus their attention and energy, they’ll feel more motivated to achieve. It’ll also help that you yourself can gauge each employee’s progress based on your goals and offer flexible schedules and other benefits so long as they’re meeting them. Everyone wins.


Speaking of goals, use a whiteboard in a common space to remind everyone of your company’s goals and update progress in real time. IQ Total Source is your best resource for a motivational office space.