Values & Capabilities

Core Values

Core Value 1

Exceed Customer Expectations with WISE

Our excitement keeps our customers enthused and our work valued. We go beyond customer expectations to create WOW moments. We always keep in mind the reason we’re here: to deliver WISE.

Core Value 2

Focus on Accountability, Honesty and Teamwork

We’re punctual, reliable and accountable, working as one unstoppable unit to deliver for the customer. We’ll be honest to ourselves, our customers and our teammates.

Core Value 3

Celebrate Our Values & Accomplishments

We understand the benefit of appreciation and recognition both internally and externally. We take time to celebrate our team members and to give back to the community.

Our 5 Superpowers

Executive Access


Proactive Order Fulfillment

Purchasing Optimization

Lifetime Return Policy

Executive Access

We provide access 24 hours a day to our executives and co-founders. Ryan Puccinelli can be reached at 480-458-7229 or call Bryan Freund at 713-530-0260. Both are happy to address any issues you might have. Call anytime and for any reason.

Guaranteed Response

Getting a hold of us for all your support needs is easy and fast. We guarantee to respond to customer support emails within 10 minutes, live chat questions within two minutes and that you’ll never get a voicemail or automated attendant.

Proactive Order Fulfillment

If we can’t fill an item on any order that is placed by 4pm local time during working hours for any reason, we will call you before the orders ships to offer a suggested replacement or let you know it’s going to be an additional day shipping.

Purchasing Optimization

We will perform a full review of your purchases every six months. It’s easy to buy the same things you’ve always purchased, but at IQ wewant to make sure you are always buying the most cost efficient items possible. Our purchase optimization program is designed to proactively identify areas where you can be saving money, swapping out products and streamlining your overall purchasing process.

Lifetime Return Policy

Any item, any time for the lifetime of the account can be returned. As long as it’s not assembled furniture or print services, the credit is yours!