SurePath System™

At IQ Total Source, we’re obsessed with results. Our SurePath System™ is proven to streamline your ordering process and provide you with cost control over several company locations.

To get started with the SurePath System™, we need to understand your business. We begin with our Initial Consultation so we can get a full grasp on your current situation. Our SurePath Consultants will analyze your workflow and processes to diagnose any areas of improvement or development. From there, we provide all of the following:


Different ordering patterns and lists can really drive up your costs. We can effectively simplify your purchasing process by consolidating your orders and your vendors.


We can customize our services and programs to fit the unique needs of your business. That cookie-cutter approach just doesn’t cut it here.


Driving standardization starts with good data. We utilize that data and our Purchasing Optimization to ensure product and program standardization for all end-users and locations, driving significant cost savings.

Cost Savings

With the SurePath System™, our team will track hard and soft costs and help you save money through custom pricing and a streamlined procurement process.


Transparent reporting should not be difficult to obtain, yet it often is. We utilize our industry-leading software to provide clean and transparent reports, on-demand, in any way imaginable.

Continuous Improvement

To get started with the SurePath System™, we need to understand your business. After our program is implemented, we work to utilize data and understanding of your account to continually improve.

Our SurePath System™ is an ongoing process, and we work hard to take care of our customers year-round.

As part of our process, we will provide you with a SurePath Annual Checkup™, during which our SurePath Consultants will review the current situation we’ve set up and make sure you are still seeing continued hard and soft cost reductions.