organizational structureIQ Total Source Executive, Ryan Puccinelli talk about a recent organizational switch:

As we’ve grown in size, we’ve had to grow up as a company too.  I have to guess that many businesses fall into the situation we’ve encountered.  We were a small company with a few employees, and two equal partners.

My partner, Bryan Freund, and I realized that we were bottlenecking the company as we were both trying to be involved with everything.  Although this was unintentional, without a clear structure it happens.  Our business is north of 30 employees now and we knew that we were already past the point of needing structural clarity. This was not only confusing and inefficient for me and Bryan, but it was extremely confusing and even demotivating for our team.  Who owned what?  Who did people go to with a question or challenge?   Whoever was available?  That’s what was basically happening!  It was crazy looking back on it.

So, we’ve hired two VP’s, Patrick Bradley, that oversees Finance and Operations and Megan Lazarou who oversees our Print Services Division to add to our Leadership Team (link here if the site will be done by the time we launch this) to help eliminate this.

But we still had the issue with Bryan and I…  We knew something had to give.  So we went to the drawing board and after a lot of discussion, help from our business coach, and thought on what would be best to scale the business long-term, we came to the decision.

Bryan Freund is our Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), overseeing everything sales and revenue, and I’m our COO (Chief Operating Officer) overseeing everything from Finance, Accounting, Customer Success, and Operations.

While it’s challenging at first to do this, I’m more than confident this is the right strategic move for IQ and will allow us to scale with fewer bottlenecks.  Our team knows who to go to for what and they no longer have this unorganized layers of responsibility.

In looking at your organization, where do the bottlenecks occur?  Usually it’s with top leadership.  We’ve identified what we think we need to do.  I challenge you to find out where yours might be.