If you’re looking for ways to save money, IQ Total Source can help. Our SurePath System™ is a great way to look at and analyze your company costs, but the savings don’t stop there. Another great way to save money in the office is to analyze and manage your printer services – which you can do with IQ Total Source.

IQ Managed Print Services (MPS) is our way of helping customers easily measure costs associated with printing. Our print services will help you control costs, reduce and eliminate areas of waste, and simplify the entire process of managing and serving your printers. Our team takes a consultative approach with each customer in order to customize a proactive program that eliminates the headaches of managing a printer fleet. Benefit Include:

Reduced Costs
Like we mentioned before, MPS can help cut company costs in many ways. Continuous reporting can show you printer fleet usage which will help you decide which products you need over others. This will help make the purchasing and ordering process much smoother and easier. Plus, MPS reduces energy consumption by making sure your machines are being utilized properly, and financing options allow for easy ways to upgrade your printer fleet.

Office copying machineImproved Company Productivity
From the end-user, IT Manager and all the way up to the CEO, everyone can be more productive and concentrate less on the small details of your printer fleet. Our expert support team will be there to help with ordering, maintenance, repairs and other snags you might run into.

MPS isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. Our team is flexible and can customize your program to fit your company needs.

For more information about IQ Managed Print Services, contact us today. When you sign up for MPS, you’ll see the difference right away.