Let’s face it, over the winter months you may have let some cleaning fall by the wayside and things around the office have gotten a little… untidy. If it’s time for spring cleaning in your office, let IQ Total Source be the supplier for all of your cleaning needs.

IQ Total SourceIQ Total Source has all the name brands you know and love as well as highly affordable brands like Genuine Joe. JanSan products like Genuine Joe are cost effective and produce the same results as the name brands. If you have a whole lot of cleaning to do, but want to keep the price down, Genuine Joe might be the way to go!

Before you get to scrubbing all of the nooks and crannies, work on decluttering your workspace, organizing your drawers and working with your fellow employees to make sure all clutter is disposed of quickly and in properly labeled containers.

A clean and clutter-free office encourages productivity, morale and makes for a better work environment overall. Check out all of the cleaning supplies IQ Total Source offers and get started on your path to a cleaner and brighter office before spring is over.