You may have heard us talking about our WISE philosophy over the last few weeks, but our Wildly Insane Service Experience mentality has been running through IQ Total Source veins from the beginning. So let’s break down exactly what WISE really means to us and to our customers.

W- Wildly. At IQ Total Source, we are known for thinking outside the box. Take, for example, our President’s Access. It may seem pretty wild for our executives to give out their personal numbers, but hey, we are wild about our service. Call them anytime and for any reason. You can reach Ryan Puccinelli  at 832-646-6899 and Bryan Freund at 713-530-0260.

I- Insane. We are literally insane about our customers. In fact, we’re obsessed with providing results. We have worked endlessly with our clients to streamline their ordering process while also providing cost control and reporting.

S- Service. Service is our life blood. Period. When you call our office, you get a real person. Try calling a big box store or online company and you’ll be on hold through your lunch break! Our customers are more than an account number to us.

E- Experience. We don’t want your experience with IQ Total Source to be limited to our team. We also want you to LOVE the products you buy. That’s exactly why we have the Lifetime Return Policy. You can return any item, any time for the lifetime of the account. As long as it’s not assembled furniture and print services, the credit is yours!

Contact us today, to experience WISE for yourself.