There’s something about a letter sent through the mail that does worlds more than an email – especially in the case of a thank you letter. People appreciate receiving a letter in the mail that is personal and hand tailored specifically for them.  If you want to send a thank you letter to a loyal customer, and make them feel valued, use these tips to make it a memorable one.

Start the letter with a personalized greeting reminding the receiver that, not only are they your customer, but a cherished and respected one. Mention the names of people you have worked with and make it clear that this letter is crafted specifically for them and not a form letter.

Be sincere about thoughtful in how you thank your customer. Remind them of all of the times you have worked together and what it meant for your company. Sure, you are providing a valuable service for them, but they trusted you as a vendor for that business and that deserves a huge thank you. When you sign off be professional and courteous and thank them once more.

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We can’t say it enough; thank you!