Getting caught up in the lazy days of summer is easy to do. Do you daydream of playing in the sweet summer sun? Does your daydreaming sometimes cause you to neglect your work? Here are some quick tips to make your summer more productive and more enjoyable in the office.

Go outside for lunch

Don’t sit there staring out the window wondering what it’s like outside, go outside and soak up some rays. Take a book outside and sit there for a while, or maybe an extended lunch break out in the sun. If you want to take a small bit of work outside, you might find that the environment increases productivity and the quality of your work.

Do it now

Don’t let the weather allow you to do your work later. Completing all of your tasks quickly will free up time for those outdoor activities you long for, and will make you feel less guilty when you do them. Work now, play later.

Take vacation time!

If you’re constantly thinking about taking a vacation rather than working, find a way to do both. Plan your vacations early in the summer and focus on your work leading up to it. Reward yourself with a job well done!