IQ Total SourceWe all know that it’s important to stay hydrated and to drink plenty of fluids when we are outside in the hot summer sun, but many people forget that it’s equally as important to stay hydrated when sitting inside at your office desk. Adults in the workplace should drink around 2 liters of water per day because dehydration, even in a stationary person, can negatively affect many parts of the body, including your mood, work productivity and overall health. Our brains are very sensitive to changes in water balance so even mild dehydration can cause unexpected anger, fatigue or mood swings.

If this sounds familiar and you’re hoping to add a little more hydration into your work routine, contact IQ Total Source. We carry several types of bottled and flavored water, as well as state of the art products like the Avanti ZeroWater Bottle Kit which holds five gallons of water. This Bottle Kit is also easier to transport, store and handle than other containers of its kind.

Whether you’re playing in the hot summer sun, or working in the air conditioned comfort of your office, stay hydrated and alert with these products and more from IQ Total Source.