Office design can have a big impact on how you perform during the day. Colors, images, and space can influence your productivity, but it can be difficult to bring design into small offices that don’t necessarily have the space. Below are some ideas on how to satisfy inspiring design in a small space.

office design

Consider a wall-mounted desk.

Dropping a large desk wherever you can find room can end up facilitating more distraction than workflow. If your workspace faces a distraction such as the television or an extra large window, you’ll end up spending more time gazing just beyond your work than actually focusing. To fix this and create an environment that puts you in work mode, mount a desk on a clean, bare wall. You can even nestle it between the corner of two walls, using space you wouldn’t normally use for much else. Suggested image.

Use chalkboard paint.

Not just for your kid’s classroom, chalkboard paint can be a great addition to a small yet inspired office space. You’ll be able to write important dates, tasks, notes, and rough ideas without cluttering your desk space. That way, the surface of your desk can be used for what you actually need at the moment rather than the fifty things you have to remember over the course of the week. A clean desk promotes great productivity and low stress. Suggested image.

Rethink your lighting.

Do you tend to start work first thing in the morning, or do you get your best ideas at night? Light can have just as much an effect on your performance as decor and functionality. If you work near a window that you can’t avoid looking out every time you look up, hang blinds that let great natural light in without distraction. If you find yourself working past sunset, consider ways to brighten your space without the harsh feeling of ceiling lights. A lamp you really love can invite you to sit and tie a small office space into the rest of your environment. Cabinet and under-the-shelf lighting creates soft, bright light that allows you to work on your own time. Suggested image.

Think vertically.

It can be hard to fit traditional file cabinets and drawers in a small footprint, but don’t neglect your walls. Shelves and mounted storage keep you organized and allow an extra element of design in your small space. If you have something interesting to showcase as part of your office such as books or creative designs, open shelving can proudly display these items and define the space. If you’d rather conceal your extra files and such, mount cabinets. You can easily close your clutter away and use your cabinet choice as an opportunity to add more design and appeal both when your office is in use and when it’s not. Suggested image.

Just because you have limited space for your office doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for function. A little creativity goes a long way and can end up contributing to your productivity and success. For more ideas, visit HGTV’s “Small Home Office Ideas” and IQ Total Source for your office furniture and supply needs.