Let’s face it, businesses are driven by sales. Companies cannot grow without a steady income, which is primarily curated by a strong sales team. Boost your sales and support your team with these motivational tools:


  1. Reward Teamwork – Businesses usually use incentives like bonuses to motivate individual sales people, but a greater advantage lies in your team working together. Instead, set up rewards for team accomplishments and watch your team get stronger.
  2. Set Clear Goals – Asking your team to make sales without a specific plan or goals is inefficient and won’t motivate anyone. Rather, use specific metrics to measure how your team is performing and when they’re successful.
  3. Be Hands On – Spend time selling alongside your team to develop a better understanding of the challenges and nuances of the job and to tune in to how each sales person operates. When you notice someone doing a particularly good job, share their techniques with the rest of the team.
  4. Develop the Team Mentality – Don’t focus on only monetary rewards. When your team succeeds, take them out for a celebratory dinner, pay them special attention, and give them a shoutout on social media. When you’re hiring, hire people whose personalities fit within the team.
  5. Fine Tune New Strategies – Put new strategies and operations into motion based on your observations and your team’s input. Give them the best tools to complete new goals and feel that success is within their grasp.
  6. Get Closer to the Marketing Team – As much as 90% of marketing material goes unused. Push for new marketing content to be available and understood by your sales team as soon as possible and put ROI assessments in place to determine what works.
  7. Know What’s Involved in Closing Deals – Sales analytics will show you the details of what kinds of deals are successful and will better direct your team in knowing who to spend their time on. You’ll also have a better idea of how long it takes to close a deal and whether or not spending a lot of time on one deal with be a good use of your team’s efforts.

Make it easier for your team to succeed by ensuring they have everything they need to make office life move smoothly. A supported sales team means greater sales and bigger company growth.