With the holidays right around the corner, you may have already begun to dread the long return lines, store manager battles for your money back, and inevitably wasting your time. After experiencing strict and unfriendly return policies for so many years, we knew that we would not treat our customers in this way. Here are the main reasons why:

1. Returning items isn’t fun! You can probably agree that nobody really likes returning anything. In fact, it can be a pretty negative experience. We want every interaction to be positive for our customers. All they have to do is give us a call and we are happy to return the item. No waiting, no maybes or eye rolls, and we definitely don’t put you on hold to talk to a manager for 15 minutes. We just do it.

2. Too many restrictions! There are return policies out there with more terms and conditions than some legal documents. You need to be at the location it was purchased, within 14 days, the item in mint condition, unopened with all tags, and your receipt, with manager’s approval, etc. Even then you may experience managers demanding a full explanation on why you are returning the item. It’s too much! We have one restriction. The only items we will not return are assembled furniture and print services, that’s it! That means we take back any other product, any time, for the lifetime of the account.

3. No empathy! With some businesses, if you don’t meet all the requirements in the return policy, you are out of luck. It seems some businesses will roll out the red carpet to get you to buy something, but as soon as you do, their hands are tied to help you after. Awhile back, one of our customers ordered 500 boxes of labels accidentally. They needed to return them and we did, no questions asked. Imagine if we had said no. The labels probably would have sat in a storage room forever reminding them daily of how we tarnished their relationship with IQ. That’s just not okay with us.

We do the right thing by our customers because we care about the lifelong relationship, not one transaction. The Lifetime Return Policy gives customers the security blanket they need to feel comfortable to change their mind or make mistakes without the fear of an unfriendly return policy.