Catching up on emails sounds like such an easy task, but as we all know, if not kept up on regularly, you can find yourself swimming in hundreds or thousands of unread and stressful emails.

Here are some tips and tricks to get your inbox cleaned up and maintained:

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Discipline Yourself
Whether the goal is getting your email down to 50 or zero, make sure you set a task each day and stick to it. Setting aside a few minutes each day could eventually lead to hours of saved time in the future.

Learn to Delete
Just like how its best to do some spring cleaning and throw away unwanted items in your attic, deleting those old space hogging emails will help declutter your inbox. Use your best judgment and delete the items you no longer need.

Respond Right Away
There’s just no point in delaying the response of an email. If you’re going to respond, do so right away so the sender knows you are taking them seriously. If you’re not going to respond at all, delete it!

Unsubscribe From Junk Mail
They call it junk for a reason! If you are getting too much spam, click the email and find the unsubscribe button. You can also set up filters in your email so these annoying messages get stopped before they reach your inbox!

Know the Tricks of Your Email Provider
Whether you use Gmail, Outlook, or another form of email, make sure you know the tricks for each system that streamlines your email process. Different views and archiving methods will really help you stay on top of your inbox. If you get stuck, Google the problem and look for a forum with a solution.

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