IQ Total Source helps streamline your business product ordering process, control costs across your department, your company, and your company’s locations.

Our SurePath system streamlines the ordering process based on the needs of the individual client. This all starts with an initial consultation to understand the financial needs of your company. From there, our team tracks your costs and helps you save money through member pricing and procurement processes.150x150IQTotalSourceCostSavings (1)

If you ever need an update on your financials, we can provide reports and breakdowns in all financial areas. We also do an annual checkup to review your current situation and make sure you are still seeing continued hard and soft cost reductions.

We like to be as transparent with your financials and our system as possible. Check out this PowerPoint presentation to see our company’s approach. We are always here to answer any questions you have along the way.

We care about your success! Contact us today and get started on SurePath.