Collaboration, or working together, is key to an organization’s success. The common phrase, “two heads are better than one” very simply explains the importance of collaboration. Unfortunately, some work environments make it difficult to collaborate due to assigned seating or lack of necessary tools.  Building a collaboration room is a great first step to breaking down department silos and giving your office a place to spark their creativity and work as a team.

Here are our 3 steps to building a collaboration room:

  1. Determine where your collaboration room should live. A spare boardroom or office can be a perfect place to start. We suggest creating a fluid and flexible learning space that supports individual, 1-to-1, small group, and large groupings.
  1. Fill the space with furniture such as tables, chairs, lighting, and fun décor. The environment should be creative and relaxed. If you need an expert opinion, we can work with you to find the best furniture and décor for your collaboration room.
  1. Provide tools for your team within the collaboration room, so they do not have to bring items from their desks. Office supplies such as pens, paper, post-its, notebooks, white boards and other common items should be readily available. Technology has also made collaboration that much easier with projectors and tablets for sharing information.

If you provide the right space, aesthetics and tools you will be amazed at how effectively your team can collaborate together. Good luck!