It is important for employees to have a clean and functioning workspace in order for them to work the most efficiently. Similarly, the breakroom should be inviting and relaxing in order for employees to rest efficiently. The breakroom is an essential part of any office and is the place where employees generally go to eat lunch, socialize, unwind and re-order their thoughts.

Putting some thought into turning your office breakroom into a place of calming respite will encourage employees to use it and remind them that they are not too busy to take a break. Breaks have been scientifically proven to help people regain focus and motivation and will ensure your busy employees don’t get burnt out from the task at hand.

IQ Total Source offers a variety of comfortable office and breakroom furniture and will even help you with the ordering and installation. Contact us today and let us show you which furniture is best for your breakroom. We’ll help you pick out the best furniture for your employees’ much needed rest. The perfect breakroom will not only serve as a great place for employees to kick their feet up and have a healthy snack, but can also serve as a relaxing environment where conversations are started, ideas are spread and the path to a more productive company begins!