Everything seems to be going digital these days. We have phones, computers, TVs, tablets, watches and more to receive our information. Did digital really kill print? What needs would we have for another print shop? Print will always be relevant, we argue, and here’s why:


[1] Print is more credible.
Print is most trusted with official documents, like wills, contracts, health records and taxes. Anything kept as a record, particularly for finances and health, is stored as hardcopy proof. Digital banner ads and flashing pop-ups are easily mistrusted, as they can lead to malicious viruses, dead links and security breaches. Because it’s tangible, a hardcopy is not likely to disappear into cyberspace or with an electrical outage.

[2] People, including Millenials, are drawn to print.
Print incorporates an element of touch, which triggers sensory memory and creates a unique experience. Through the combination of the ambient environment, sight, sounds and smells, reading print is enjoyable generation after generation. The interaction with an object that tells a story and spurs imagination creates a connection that lasts. When done well, print leaves an audience craving for more.

[3] Print is easier to read and navigate.
Because the tactile quality is missing in digital, navigating through the text becomes more challenging. Something printed is limited to the size and shape of its material, and these simple variables help the brain associate the information and embed it in memory more quickly. Endlessly scrolling and poking through text, or having it show differently across devices can get confusing and leave readers frustrated. While digital offers unique interactive features, print takes less effort to understand and it delivers the reward faster.

[4] Static content is under-rated.
People still collect physical prints, particularly books, and a masterful print will earn an honored place on a shelf, wall or fridge to continue making impressions. At this level, it earns the status of a trophy, and its owner becomes a loyalist and advocate for your brand. A custom design that fits into a pocket is instantly transportable, enticing people to pick it up and carry it away with them. Fussing with a device to show it off is one more step between sharing the message and igniting enthusiasm. With such a fast-paced culture, returning to see such trophy keeps the memory fresh longer.

[5] People will read what matters to them.
Investing the time to print information, especially when it is funny, inspirational or full of useful information, people will engage more thoughtfully with it. When a person engages with print, your attention is less distracted and your senses are open to receiving new data. People are typically multi-tasking with TV in the background, or working with multiple applications on their computers and devices, and messages take more impressions before they stick. And because there is so much going on all the time, reading print is a valuable and comforting pastime.