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How to Survive the Flu Season

Flu Season is on it’s way folks! The best way to survive the 2016 Flu Season is to prevent the spread of the virus. We recommend disinfecting your hands, covering coughs and sneezes, and also disinfecting high traffic areas. Here are 3 other tips: Keep the windows open Spending a… Read More


Summer Office Tips

Getting caught up in the lazy days of summer is easy to do. Do you daydream of playing in the sweet summer sun? Does your daydreaming sometimes cause you to neglect your work? Here are some quick tips to make your summer more productive and more enjoyable in the office.… Read More

July 13, 2015 • Around the Office, General, Health

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Quick Ergonomic Stretches to Keep You Feeling Good

The human body is a complex machine and was meant for ongoing movement. In an office environment, a host of health issues can occur due to the constant sitting. Issues such as heart problems, diabetes, back and shoulder pain. It is recommended that employees stop to stretch for 5-10 minutes… Read More

June 18, 2015 • General, Health