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7 Ways to Save

7 Ways to Save Hard and Soft Costs

Looking for ways to save? When it comes to multi-site companies, extra costs can slip through the cracks unknown. But after sometime, those costs can add up, causing hard decisions down the road. Below are 7 ways you can cut hard and soft costs for your company.

1) Streamline Your Process

It pays to be all on one page. If you’re a multi-site company then you know the difficulty of streamlining all of your processes, but you may also be aware of the benefits. By consolidating orders and deliveries, you can cut out costs on lost time.

2) Competitive Pricing

How do you know if you’re getting the best prices available? The majority of us don’t have time to shop around for better prices so we order the products that can get there the fastest. Unfortunately that means you could be wasting thousands of dollars a year. If you need help finding the right prices for your budget, look to sourcing experts like IQ Total Source.

3) Reduce Wasted Time

Minimizing the number of vendors and streamlining project management tasks reduces overhead duties and processes. Stop chasing vendors and spend your time on more important aspect of your business.

4) Customization

Regardless of what others say, one size does not fit all. If you’re looking to save money, you need programs that are flexible and customizable to your workflow.

5) Thorough Reporting

Take a step back and analyze company spending. It’s important to see a breakdown of expenses, and when it comes to products and supplies, you can easily identify areas for savings.

6) Company Shopping Lists

Forget the back and forth and reduce time when ordering supplies. Company shopping lists are great ways to easily reduce purchasing time and to make sure you get the correct order every time.

7) Free Delivery
Paying for shipping is such a hassle and the costs add up! With IQ Total Source, our deliveries are always free.